Yogas Chitta Vritta Nrodha

From the Aphorisms of Patanjali, Yoga is practiced to calm the whirlpools of the mind.

Steven "Earth" Metz in Padmasana


The original Sanskrit name for Yoga is Yogas pronounced Yogosh phonetically spelled.

This site covers the main forms of Yogas that are known in the world that I personally know of and have done. I wanted to create a site that gives some useful tips about the different types of Yoga that have evolved over the many years.
Some really vigorous Yoga styles like Earths Power Yoga in Los Angeles which would give even an Olympic athlete a serious challenge, and some others are more focused on the blissful states of consciousness and involve very mild exercise or almost none at all like Kriya Yoga. Personally I like to categorize various forms as physical - mental or spiritual, however they all lead to a blissful mental state. They just take different avenues to get there. For very physical people Hatha and or Power Yoga might be a perfect fit. For some Power Yoga can be too much and they like a very soft and gentle rather mild exercise so Sahaja Yoga is a perfect fit.

This site is dedicated to all the great teachers of all the different forms of Yogas.
Hatha is a very broad category, it can cover so many of the stretching forms of yoga .a Hatha style, it is probably going to be slow-paced and may provide a good introduction to the basic yoga poses.

Ashtanga really means the eight limbs Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana,Dyana, and Samadhi but now is referred to as a style Taught originally by Krishnamacharya and its is often the foundation of many Power Yoga classes. In its south Indian form it is a specifics set of 5 sequences. If a class is called a Power Yoga class, it will most likely be similar to the flowing style of Ashtanga as we see from Mysore South India, but not always as some of the new cross breeds of Power Yoga get a lot of there forms from classic Asian martial arts as well as some of the more vigorous northern Yoga practices. Here is a free sample of the style that I teach which is a style we call Earth's Power Yoga originating in Los Angeles California. Free Power Yoga videos I will post more once they become available.

Vinyasa, which means movement, tends to be a vigorous modern style of Yoga still based on the
Ashtanga series as taught currently by Patthabi Jois.


IYENGAR , the founder Yogi B.K.S Iyengar, this style does vary a bit from teacher to teacher but generally covers the topics of Alignment. Iyengar  classes are usually filled with long holds and the use of Yoga blocks and straps. I refer student to the Iyengar technicians when they have an acute injury. They are often Anatomy experts if they are seasoned teachers.

Kundalini or coiled one literally translated has an emphasis on breath. The idea is to awaken the dormant creative sexual energy and transmute it into spiritual endeavor. The breathe patterns are often more rapid and movement often are based on the teachings by Yogi Bhajan in the USA however there are many teachers of this form all over the world. Fast percussive breathes rapidly pumping the diaphragm with the famous "Breath of Fire" followed by a lock holding the breath and engaging a muscular contraction of the Pelvic floor, stomach, throat or all at the same time.

More to come soon
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